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I invariably parse reflog as "re-flog." I know isn't the intended meaning but does capture the feeling of needing to use it quite nicely.

Okay yeah that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the suggestions.

I mean, isn't Facebook just a xerox of MySpace?

I am merely a dabbler in this area and definitely not an expert, but my understanding is that columnar stores tend to be more substantially more efficient for analytical operations over large sets of in memory data by virtue of the data being easier to operate on with vectorized instructions like SIMD.

Probably doesn't help that Clubhouse was iOS-only for a long time. People in the local dev community would now and then suggest a Clubhouse night, but we have to shot it down everytime as it would eliminate a sufficient portion of members. End up using Discord, but definitely would have jumped on the ship, had they not cashing in on exclusivity for so long.

I used this a bit after a story about it came up a few days ago. Since then they have updated with carplay support, which is greatly appreciated.

I recently de-googled, so I've been using apple maps. Apple is logging my location whether or not I use their first party map app, so I still end up using their first party map app because it provides traffic information and weighs that in the routing algorithm. Practically speaking, that's a big deal to me.

As amazing as OrganicMaps is, the lack of gaining much extra privacy on iOS and the lack of traffic information means I probably won't be using it too often,.

I'd love to see if the fake water surface texture could be replaced with a procedural deformation faking waves so that the path tracing could render caustics.

If you remove the Waffen SS I think the comparison holds, both Allgemeine SS and NKVD were overarching internal security / police type organizations. Like a lot of Nazi organizations the SS had somewhat nebulous duty boundaries that overlapped some other groups and evolved over time.

I concede the point :)

This is a general issue in many industries way beyond just delivery services. Executives set overly aggressive targets where the only way to succeed is to break the rules. When an underling is caught the exec has plausible deniability because they never explicitly told anyone to break the law.

This was a major factor in the Wells Fargo account fraud scandal.


And I am here complaining about my 30 vacation days. Good to get some perspective sometimes.

There’s a really easy way to check the diff before committing on the command-line:

    git commit -v
Displays a diff at the bottom of the editor that pops up to write a commit message.

I do it by pushing my top lip up against my nostrils. I look silly if there's someone with goggles on to see me underwater, though. Like an extreme duck face.

Also, it doesn't work well now that I have a mustache.

Yes, yes, Adam Smith and all.

Yet, your your story represents the end consumer perspective. What I have in my mind is a long chain of linked lists that connect and break off in various areas. My point is the butcher company probably has pretty good relations with at least some of their distributors. This also might be highly dependent on geography, culture, type of business.

A source of some sort would be interesting for me, because both my and your story are just that - stories, and Adam Smith lived long time ago. Robust logic doesn't need to reflect reality.

Mine at least does a lot more than that. For instance, it's smart enough to know if you put the key in the trunk and will automatically open the trunk back up. It has pretty good awareness of where it is in relation to the car, which gives me more confidence in using it that I won't do something stupid and lock myself out (or at least be allowed to do something stupid). If those earlier systems from the 90s were just as precisely "self aware" then I'll concede this point to you, but I suspect they weren't so intelligent integrated.

You didn't address my point regarding their ubiquity now, so I feel like you kinda decided to only argue with half my point...

> some people really care about how you dress and that is OK

Extremely disagree. That is them trying to exert a form of control on me and it's absolutely bullshit.

In that case whenever I need to do anything on his machine I would just bring my own keyboard. Regardless that’s gross and unsanitary, probably attracted all sorts of pests.

I didn't say to make your variable names verbose. rho_m is fine in my opinion, although I find it strange that you would name a probability distribution rho unless it's a density matrix. I would probably name it prob_dist_m, or even pdist_m if you want to be more terse.

Disappointed in the cycling directions. I tried it in Toronto and it gave me a route the ignored a road that had a dedicated bike lane and directed me to a busy narrow road where you have to share with the cars.

I agree, these are the only times I've irreversibly gotten myself into trouble.

I think it would be possible to solve these with git, by doing something like automatically running a `git stash --include-untracked` before an operation that can clobber untracked files.

Okay strange idea, but if you are wanting to bootstrap using your own transistors or core rope memory, why not define your baseline architecture instructions in such a way that the boot loader instructions are defined by some physical constants you could measure from your environment (star positions?) or some constant you could calculate (first N digits of PI?) that is as long as you can verify the underlying hardware, you can manually verify the "firmware"... or something, not sure this makes any sense. At least it would a whole new layer of mysitcism to the process :)

I guess I have `git pull --rebase` as muscle memory.

I would guess there's an easy way to make git do this automatically for you via config so you never forget, but I just never, ever `git pull`

Actually, one of the reasons I preferred hg to git is that Windows explorer GUI integration back then was far superior to gits, which was buggy as hell.

Depends on the context. If the person loses access to what I'm taking (typical in the physical world), stealing. If the person does not loses access (typical in the virtual world or with artificial scarcity items), counterfeiting.

“Ethically gray”, that’s a laugh.

Your accountant probably knows lawyers. He may not know patent lawyers however.

Also defection can be very bad news for the rest of your family and friends who you leave behind.

That’s what I’m saying. The developers call it a library.

Yes. So placing higher value on people based on how they dress is a garbage practice used to profile people with poorer backgrounds and limit their social mobility, keep them out of better jobs, keep them out of upwardly mobile roles like management.

It's "learn to play the fashion game or get fucked"

We would be so much better off without that crap.

Am I doing things wrong if I have never used these commands?

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