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Basecamp Is the Ultimate Example of Startup Management Hubris and Delusion (ez.substack.com)
7 points by davidgerard 89 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

If you start being critical at work -- of efforts to curtail transparency, or quietly reduce employee ownership, or lower the bar for diversity efforts or whatever -- sooner or later the leadership will start making insinuating and hostile comments indirectly targeting you. Weaving comments into company-wide emails to the effect of "some people are avoiding having a productive conversation here" and "we should curtail salacious gossip that makes everyone unhappy." This sounds exactly like how an elementary-grade teacher bullies a classroom of children into quiet obedience, and young startup employees eat that shit up, because their life decisions are completely built on peer pressure and going with the flow.

So yeah, if you start rattling cages, be prepared for an all-hands where the COO waggles his eyebrows and pointedly says that he wouldn't want anyone to get... hurt.

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