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7 Years of Open-Source Database Development: Lessons Learned (philipotoole.com)
33 points by dcu 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

This seems like a great side project. Congratulations to the author for getting this far in spare time. These lessons are only scratching the surface of what was learned.

It would be nice if I could embed rqlite into my application as I do sqlite. The fact that this system runs as its own distributed system using sqlite seems to make sqlite just an implementation detail. I want raft consensus for my embedded sqlite. :)

Is anyone using rqlite in production and what for? Why did you use it?

rqlite creator here -- thanks for the good words.

You might be interested in checking out https://dqlite.io/ but also review this FAQ entry:


How is it different than dqlite?

"dqlite is library, written in C, that you need to integrate with your own software. That requires programming. rqlite is a standalone application -- it's a full RDBMS (albeit a relatively simple one). rqlite has everything you need to read and write data, and backup, maintain, and monitor the database itself.

rqlite and dqlite are completely separate projects, and rqlite does not use dqlite. In fact, rqlite was created before dqlite."

Hey there! Thanks for sharing. Your blog posts are fantastic. Very insightful.

Fantastic little post.

I'm still quite new to Go- curious if anyone has any good resources for learning how to implement a db in Go?

Check out this: https://github.com/boltdb/bolt

Always been considered a good example to study.

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